Each one makes a difference

When you go indie, each download is more than a number. Each new follower means the world. Each new fan of your game, of your work, makes your community stronger, and your future games possible.

Each language you add to your games opens the door of that community to millions. If you treat their language with respect, you will earn their respect too. But give them a poor translation just in your store page, and don’t expect a warm welcome from them.

I want to help right there, be the bridge between both. During my years of experience localising AAA games for big publishers, or small titles for indie developers, I found out how much I care for each one of them. I respect their work and want to deliver it to their fans localised with the quality it deserves.

For you, each gamer. For your community, each language. For me, each game.

When you really care for what you do, each one makes a difference.

But you already know that, right? Probably we went indie for the same reasons, so I want to hear about you now. I want to know your game. So please contact me, whether you are interested in localising your game or just curious about the process. Keep making the difference!

Alex R. Fortes (@lxFortes)